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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Subject 1. A 72.4-year-old female with the jaw-deviation type of oromandibular dystonia and phasic contraction pattern. The surface electromyography (EMG) recording revealed a prominent phasic contraction pattern of the temporalis and masseter muscles bilaterally before treatment, which was effectively controlled with pharmacologic therapy using 1 mg/day clonazepam. (A) Before the treatment (gain: 100 µV/division, tracing speed: 2.0 s/division). (B) During the pharmacologic therapy (gain: 30 µV/division, tracing speed: 1.0 s/division). LTA, left temporalis anterior; RTA, right temporalis anterior; LMM, left superficial masseter; RMM, right superficial masseter; LDA, left digastric, anterior belly; RDA, right digastric, anterior belly. Numbers added to the tracing records denote the amplitude of the myoelectric signal (unit: µV).
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