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Fig. 2.

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Fig. 2. Subject 3. A 65.4-year-old male with the jaw-closing type and phasic contraction pattern. The surface electromyography (EMG) recording revealed regular phasic contractions of the temporalis and masseter muscles bilaterally before treatment. Botulinum toxin therapy was mainly effective in normalizing the resting activity of the masseter muscle. (A) Before the treatment (gain: 200 µV/division, tracing speed: 1.0 s/division). (B) After the botulinum toxin injection (gain: 200 µV/division, tracing speed: 1.0 s/division). LTA, left temporalis anterior; RTA, right temporalis anterior; LMM, left superficial masseter; RMM, right superficial masseter; LDA, left digastric, anterior belly; RDA, right digastric, anterior belly. Numbers added to the tracing records denote the amplitude of the myoelectric signal (unit: µV).
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