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J Oral Med Pain 2019;44:45-76
Original Articles
Could Crepitus Be an Indication for Early Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis?
Hye-Min Ju, Sun-Hee Lee, Hye-Mi Jeon, Kyung-Hee Kim, Yong-Woo Ahn, Soo-Min Ok, Sung-Hee Jeong
J Oral Med Pain 2019;44:45-53
The Correlation between Tongue Pain and Tenderness of Tongue by Digital Palpation in Burning Mouth Syndrome Patients: A Preliminary Study
Ji-Won Ryu, A-Hyang Yoon, Jong-Mo Ahn
J Oral Med Pain 2019;44:54-58
Articular Eminence Morphology of Temporomandibular Joint in Young Korean Adults
Hyun Nam, Young-Joo Shim, Jin-Kyu Kang
J Oral Med Pain 2019;44:59-64
Case Reports
Masticator Space Tumor Mimicking Temporomandibular Disorder Presenting Facial Swelling and Trismus: A Case Report
Koo-Hyun Jeong, Jo-Eun Park, Mee-Eun Kim, Hye-Kyoung Kim
J Oral Med Pain 2019;44:65-68
A Case of Synovial Chondromatosis in the Temporomandibular Joint Accompanied by Progressive Occlusal Changes
Mi-Ju Park, Jin-Seok Byun, Jae-Kwang Jung, Jae-Kap Choi
J Oral Med Pain 2019;44:69-73
Brief Communication
Stabilization Splint Fabrication Using Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Three-Dimensional Printing
Byung-Jin Sohn, Wook Kim, Jea-Hong Kim, Un-Bong Baik
J Oral Med Pain 2019;44:74-76
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Ji-Won Ryu
Chosun University, Korea
Methotrexate-induced Oral Mucositis
Hye-Jin Lee, Jeong-Seung Kwon, Young-Chan Choi, Hyung Joon Ahn
Received March 30, 2015; Accepted April 27, 2015.
Treatments of the Acute and Chronic Oral Ulcerative Lesions : Case Report
Seong-Ju Hong, Seung-Woo Kang, Jong-Mo Ahn
Clinical Considerations of Trigeminal Neuralgia
Young-Mi Jeon, Il-Ho Tae, Jong-Hoon Choi, Hyung-Joon Ahn, Woo-Hyun Shim, Jeong-Seung Kwon