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J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:99-164
Review Article
An Update on Sjögren’s Syndrome for Oral Medicine Specialists
Won Jung, Kyung-Eun Lee
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:99-108
Original Articles
Comparison of Objective and Subjective Diagnostic Tests for Assessing Oral Dryness in Healthy Participants
Jun-Hee Shin, Hye-Kyoung Kim, Mee-Eun Kim
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:109-116
Dehydration as an Etiologic Factor of Halitosis: A Case-Control Study
Soo-Min Ok, Sung-Hee Jeong, Chang-Hyung Lee
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:117-124
Age Estimation Based on Mandibular Premolar and Molar Development: A Pilot Study
Byung-Yoon Roh, Eui-Joo Kim, In-Soo Seo, Hyeong-Geon Kim, Hye-Won Ryu, Ju-Heon Lee, Yo-Seob Seo, Ji-Won Ryu, Jong-Mo Ahn
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:125-130
The Relationship among the Number of Teeth, Salivary Flow Rate, Oral Health-Related Quality of Life, and Depression in the Elderly Population in Korea
JooHee Lee, Hyo-Jung Jung, Yong-Guang Min, Hyung-Joon Ahn
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:131-135
Simple Qualitative Sensory Assessment of Patients with Orofacial Sensory Dysfunction
Yeong-Gwan Im, Byung-Gook Kim, Jae-Hyung Kim
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:136-142
Evaluation of Treatment Outcomes in Oromandibular Dystonia Using Surface Electromyography: A Case Series
Yeong-Gwan Im, Jae-Hyung Kim, Byung-Gook Kim
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:143-149
Case Reports
Deep Neck Infection Caused by Infected Dentigerous Cyst: A Case Report
Gyeong-Mi Kim, Ji-Su Oh, Jae-Seek You, Seong-Yong Moon, Hae-In Choi
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:150-154
Association between Temporomandibular Disorder and Masticatory Muscle Weakness: A Case report
Ji Hoo Kim, Hyun-Jeong Park, Ji-Won Ryu
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:155-160
Symptomatic Temporomandibular Joint Herniation through the Foramen of Huschke: A Case Report
Hee-Jeong Song, Yuni Lee, Hang-Moon Choi, Young-Jun Kim, Cheul Kim, Moon-Soo Park
J Oral Med Pain 2021;46:161-164
Journal of Oral Medicine and Pain (JOMP) is an official publication of the Korean Academy of Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine. Journal of Oral Medicine and Pain abbreviated in accordance with the style of Index Medicus is J Oral Med Pain. The aim of this journal is to publish high quality clinical and scientific original research papers in all areas related to oral medicine and orofacial pain....

Ji-Won Ryu
Chosun University, Korea
Case Report : Non-surgical Treatment of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Injury as a Result of Overinstrumented Root Canal Treatment
Kook-Jin Bae, Jong-Mo Ahn, Chang-lyuk Yoon, Young-Gon Cho, Ji-won Ryu
Treatments of the Acute and Chronic Oral Ulcerative Lesions : Case Report
Seong-Ju Hong, Seung-Woo Kang, Jong-Mo Ahn
Methotrexate-induced Oral Mucositis
Hye-Jin Lee, Jeong-Seung Kwon, Young-Chan Choi, Hyung Joon Ahn
Received March 30, 2015; Accepted April 27, 2015.