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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Measurements for the morphology of the articular eminence. (A) EH (eminence height), the distance between point f’ and f. EW (eminence width), the distance between points f and e. (B) TR (top-roof line angle), the angle formed by a straight line passing through the point f’ and point e with the Frankfort horizontal (FH) plane. (C) BF (best-fit line angle), the angle between the tangent to the posterior inclination of the articular eminence and the FH plane. f’, highest point of the mandibular fossa; e, lowest point of the articular eminence; f, point that meets when descending vertically from the deepest point of the mandibular fossa in the FH plane passing through the lowest point of the articular eminence; F, FH plane; F’, parallel line to the FH plane, passing point f’.
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