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J Oral Med Pain 2023;48:131-85
Review Article
Potential Biomarkers for an Evidence-Based Diagnosis of Burning Mouth Syndrome
Won Jung│Kyung-Eun Lee
J Oral Med Pain 2023;48:131-136
Original Articles
Assessing the Public’s Interest in Orofacial Pain Specialists: A Google Trends Analysis
Jack Botros│Mariela Padilla
J Oral Med Pain 2023;48:137-143
Repeatability of the Measurement of Electrical Taste Detection Thresholds in Healthy Young Females
Hee Noh│Yeong-Gwan Im│Byung-Gook Kim
J Oral Med Pain 2023;48:144-151
Joint Space Analysis Using Cone-beam Computed Tomography Imaging in Patients Diagnosed with Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis and Occlusal Changes
Hyun-Jeong Park │Yo-Seob Seo │Jong-Won Kim │Sun-Kyoung Yu │ Ji-Won Ryu
J Oral Med Pain 2023;48:152-158
Coherence Analysis of Jaw and Neck Muscle Coordination during Chewing in Healthy Adults
Ho-Jun Song │Sang-Ho Han │Ji-Yeon Kim │Yeong-Gwan Im
J Oral Med Pain 2023;48:159-168
Case Reports
Treatment of Central Hemangioma with Embolization in the Mandible
Hae-In Choi │Gyeong-Yun Kim │Dong-Ho Shin │Ji-Su Oh │ Seong-Yong Moon │Jae-Seek You │Ji-Won Ryu
J Oral Med Pain 2023;48:169-173
Early Diagnosis and Management of Oral Pemphigus Vulgaris Lesions of Various Presentations
Seo-Young Choi │Soo-Min Ok │Sung-Hee Jeong │Yong-Woo Ahn │ Hye-Min Ju
J Oral Med Pain 2023;48:174-180
Traumatic Brain Injury-Induced Mixed Chemosensory Disorder: a Case Study on Taste and Smell Dysfunction
Yeong-Gwan Im │Seul Kee Kim │Chung Man Sung │Jae-Hyung Kim
J Oral Med Pain 2023;48:181-185
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Journal of Oral Medicine and Pain (JOMP) is an official publication of the Korean Academy of Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine. Journal of Oral Medicine and Pain abbreviated in accordance with the style of Index Medicus is J Oral Med Pain. The aim of this journal is to publish high quality clinical and scientific original research papers in all areas related to oral medicine and orofacial pain....

Hye-Kyoung Kim
Dankook University, Korea
Maxillary Sinusitis Resembling Trigeminal Neuralgia
Hyung-Joon Ahn │ Yoo Ree Hong │ Sora Kim │ Bok Eum Kim │ YounJung Park │ Jeong-Seung Kwon │Seong-Taek Kim │Jong-Hoon Choi
Received June 17, 2022; Accepted July 5, 2022.
A Large Subchondral Cyst in an Osteoarthritic Temporomandibular Joint: A Case Report
Hye-Mi Jeon, Yong-Woo Ahn, Soo-Min Ok, Hye-Min Ju, Kyung-Hwa Jung, Eun-Young Kwon, Sung-Hee Jeong
Received February 9, 2022; Accepted March 4, 2022.
A Review of Recent Evidence on Trigeminal Neuralgia
Mee-Eun Kim │ Hye-Kyoung Kim
Received December 7, 2022; Accepted January 11, 2023.