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J Oral Med Pain 2024;49:1-27
Award Winners of 2024
J Oral Med Pain 2024;49:1-2
Reflecting on the Evolution and Future of the Journal of Oral Medicine and Pain
Hye-Kyoung Kim│Soo-Min Ok│Jeong-Hyun Kang│Ji-Hee Jang
J Oral Med Pain 2024;49:3-4
Review Articles
Standardized Protocols for Measuring Volatile Sulfur Compounds: Scientific Foundations and Methodologies
Ji-Youn Kim│Ji-Rak Kim│Jin-Seok Byun│Jae-Kwang Jung
J Oral Med Pain 2024;49:5-11
Application of Fluoride for Dental Caries Prevention in Older Adults with Dry Mouth: a Clinical Review
Young Joo Shim
J Oral Med Pain 2024;49:12-17
Case Reports
Orofacial Pain and Nonodotogenic Toothache of Cardiac Origin: Case Report
Jong-Mo Ahn│Ji-Won Ryu│Hyun-Jeong Park
J Oral Med Pain 2024;49:18-21
Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma of the Labial Minor Salivary Glands: Case Report
Jung Eun Lee│Dawool Han│Hyun Sil Kim│Chena Lee│YounJung Park│Jeong-Seung Kwon
J Oral Med Pain 2024;49:22-27
Journal of Oral Medicine and Pain (JOMP) is an official publication of the Korean Academy of Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine. Journal of Oral Medicine and Pain abbreviated in accordance with the style of Index Medicus is J Oral Med Pain. The aim of this journal is to publish high quality clinical and scientific original research papers in all areas related to oral medicine and orofacial pain....

Hye-Kyoung Kim
Dankook University, Korea
Maxillary Sinusitis Resembling Trigeminal Neuralgia
Hyung-Joon Ahn │ Yoo Ree Hong │ Sora Kim │ Bok Eum Kim │ YounJung Park │ Jeong-Seung Kwon │Seong-Taek Kim │Jong-Hoon Choi
Received June 17, 2022; Accepted July 5, 2022.
A Large Subchondral Cyst in an Osteoarthritic Temporomandibular Joint: A Case Report
Hye-Mi Jeon, Yong-Woo Ahn, Soo-Min Ok, Hye-Min Ju, Kyung-Hwa Jung, Eun-Young Kwon, Sung-Hee Jeong
Received February 9, 2022; Accepted March 4, 2022.
Treatment Utilization Patterns and Long-term Prognosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia: Insights from a Nationwide Study
Jo-Eun Park│Hye-Kyoung Kim│Mee-Eun Kim
Received May 26, 2023; Accepted June 10, 2023.